Icons | Pride Behind the Badge: Hear Their Stories – A 5-Part Series

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Icons | Pride Behind the Badge: Hear Their Stories – A 5-Part Series


Precinct 444 presents: Pride Behind the Badge: Hear Their Stories series to share the experiences, challenges, and motivations of LGBTQIA+ law enforcement professionals.  This exclusive series is in conjunction with the Pride Behind the Badge digital exhibit, published today, and a companion program, airing live on YouTube Wednesday, June 28th at 2 pm.

Episode one of this series begins with Greg Miraglia and Anthony Kasper. They rehash their early career challenges, what motivates them to continue serving in law enforcement, plus their views on law enforcement as a whole and the progress of LGBTQIA+ in law enforcement.

Episode two of this series features Albert Guarnieri. He talks about his career on the federal side of law enforcement, and like others, will share his challenges and motivations for being in the field.

Episode three of this series features Julie Callahan. She discusses transgender challenges in law enforcement, transitioning, and her overall experiences during her 40 years in law enforcement.

Episode four of this series features Don Mueller. He discusses the crossroads he faced when deciding whether to come out while in law enforcement and he provides some words of wisdom for those struggling with their own identity.

The 5th and final part of this series features Michael Crumrine. He discusses his 35-year career in law enforcement, spanning multiple positions, despite dealing with hurdles that had him rethink his career.


View the digital exhibit, Experience Pride Behind the Badge: The History of LGBTQIA+ in Law Enforcement, here.

Register here to watch the companion program on YouTube on June 28th at 2pm.

  • Julie Callahan –  Retired Monterey County, California District Attorney Investigator and current founder and president of the International Transgender Community of Police and Sheriffs
  • Michael Crumrine – Sergeant, Austin (TX), P.D. and President of Lesbian & Gay Peace Officers Association (LGPOA)
  • Albert Guarnieri – Supervisor Special Agent, Federal Law Enforcement Agency
  • Anthony Kasper – Deputy Sheriff with the Solano County, California Sheriff’s Department
  • Greg Miraglia – Retired Deputy Police Chief, Napa Valley Railroad Police Department and current founder and president of Out to Protect Inc.
  • Don Mueller – Chief of Police, Cerritos College, California Police Department
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