Lifeline | Surviving Vegas: Navigating Post-Incident Support | 100th Episode!

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Lifeline | Surviving Vegas: Navigating Post-Incident Support | 100th Episode!


“Accepting normal reactions to an abnormal event.” – Kendra Still

On October 1, 2017, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history occurred at a Las Vegas concert when a gunman broke an upper-floor window in a nearby hotel and began shooting at concern goers below. Law enforcement quickly responded, but the chaos of the scene and multiple false reports impeded their ability to pinpoint the shooter’s exact location. Ultimately, the shooter was discovered, and the incident was over, but not before 60 people were killed and more than 400 were injured.

Law enforcement first responders grappled with what they saw and experienced and many found dealing with their daily lives a struggle. More departments sought counseling and peer support conferences to help their officers process and heal, but others had not yet had those opportunities.

Lifeline, one of four shows offered by the Precinct 444 network, is all about officer safety and wellness and is typically hosted by a member of that department, all of which served in law enforcement. This particular episode of Lifeline, which also happens to be Precinct 444’s 100th episode, focuses on critical incidents and the support needed by officers afterward. During this episode, Matt Garcia, OSW’s program manager, meets with Max Morgan, Kendra Still, and Anthony Munoz, to learn more about their experiences from the Las Vegas incident, living with PTSD, the importance of post-incident support, specifically the COPS Co-Workers Retreat and more.

We appreciate Max, Kendra, and Ant for participating and opening up to the public so that others may learn that they are not alone, and that help does exist in many forms.

To learn more about the COPS Co-workers retreat, please visit:

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  • Matt Garcia, Program Manager, Officer Safety and Wellness, NLEOMF
  • Kendra Still, Wellness Program Manager, Nevada Department of Public Safety; retired Nevada State Trooper
  • Anthony Munoz, Lieutenant at Nevada Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol Division
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