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The Case of James Byrd, Jr. – 25th Anniversary


The racially motivated murder of James Byrd, Jr. in the small Texas town of Jasper on June 7, 1998, sent a shockwave across the United States and internationally. Jasper has that quaint southern, small-town feel, and when news broke about James’ death, it reversed everything its citizens had worked so hard to protect. 

On this episode of Law and Disorder, Anna unravels this 25-year-old case, sharing the heart-breaking experiences of the Byrd family, and the Jasper community as they try to repair the damage of this senseless crime.

James’ legacy lives on in the form of an organization created by his family. The James Byrd, Jr. Foundation, which seeks to restore “public enlightenment and education in matters regarding cultural diversity and historical research”, among other missions, has its roots in Jasper, Texas. Learn more about the foundation, here.

This episode contains explicit. View discretion is advised.