He’s my hero

Christopher McDonough

Christopher McDonough
Oceanside (CA) Police Department

I’m honoring my husband, Chris McDonough, a retired Oceanside, California Police Department homicide detective, who spent his law enforcement career serving and honoring others. He’s my hero!

Beach team assignment
Beach team assignment

Chris has been in public safety since 1982. He spent nearly 25 years with the Oceanside Police Department, including 13 years as a homicide detective. He’s a nationally-recognized criminal behavior expert who’s been an invited guest for his work in protecting children on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dateline NBC, CBS’s 48 Hours, the BBC and numerous other TV and radio programs. His expertise is in child homicide and death investigations, interviewing and criminal behavior analysis.

Chris has been involved in the investigation of hundreds of death cases and has assisted and consulted on some of the country’s highest profile child homicide and kidnapping investigations including Jon Benet Ramsey, Elizabeth Smart, Leticia Hernandez, Stephanie Crowe, Matthew Cecchi and the West Memphis Three in the interview of Christopher Morgan. He’s an expert on predatorial behavior involving those who choose children as victims. He has interviewed serial child killers on Death Row including Wesley Allen Dodd and Brandon Wilson, who killed Matthew Cecchi in a public bathroom in Oceanside. The Wilson interview started the movement to create, for the first time, public family restrooms in the United States.

Chris has lectured at the university level on criminal behavior and child victimology. He is a contributing author to the book, “Who Killed Stephanie Crowe, Anatomy of a Murder.” He has also contributed to a chapter in the book, “Analyzing Criminal Behavior II,” a law enforcement-training manual. He has trained homicide investigators across the country in criminal investigative analysis and has been described as having an innate ability to understand the behavioral and forensic aspects of a criminal case. In 1995, Chris noted the emergence of the “White Collar Predator” as an intellectually-advanced sexual deviant fueled by inappropriate material readily available on the internet.

Chris has always felt that his divine calling from God was to protect children.

We are proud that he has served as the longest sitting board of director for the country’s oldest child safety program, The Greatest Save, a recognized charity of Major League Baseball since 1992.

Chris comes from a family of heroes. His father, the late John McDonough, was a decorated U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served in World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam. Chris’s mom, Mary, also served in the Marine Corps. Both John and Mary are buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Chris is known for his optimism and positivity. He’s always felt his first responsibility is to God and his family. Together we have raised four successful children and are now enjoying our grandchildren.

He’s always been an influence for good in the lives of many and in the communities in which we’ve lived. I’m blessed to be his wife, who has stood beside him all these years. He’s always honored me and now our family honors him.

He’s made his life a lasting legacy. He’s our hero!

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