Tried to make a difference!

Tommy Johnson

Tommy Johnson
Detective, Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia (MPDC)

As a young Marine not long out of Vietnam, I wanted to pursue a lifelong ambition as a police officer.

Why? Simply put; as a teenager in the Chicago area (early 60s) I spent more time as a mischievous youngster than I did doing the right thing! I soon became known by the local PD as a troublemaker!

Tommy Johnson 1973

For some unknown reason a juvenile detective took an interest in me and made sure I didn’t end up in jail or worse. He fortunately succeeded and soon after HS graduation I enlisted in the Marine Corp. I owed it to him to make something out of myself and be productive in life! I realized that I wasn’t the only kid on the block who came from an orphanage; divorced parents and lived in different homes. This only served to make me stronger and prove that I could make a difference in society!

Photo: My time as a Tactical Officer in the First District MPDC.

I spent 18 months as an MP in the DC area after returning from Vietnam. Met a good many officers from several local jurisdictions who helped to convince me to stay in the DC region. I wanted to join the Chicago PD at the time!

Footnote: To this day I’ve kept in touch with the detective who made the difference and he is soon to be 90 years young! Thank you, Phil!

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