Wisconsin / 19 years old with a Badge & Gun

Sean Marschke

Sean Marschke
Chief of Police, Sturtevant (WI) Police Department

I felt that I was the most powerful man in the State of Wisconsin!

After being a Police Explorer for the Menomonee Falls Police Department for 5 years, I was sworn in at age 19 as a Police Officer for the Town of La Grange Police Department. I had a badge and a gun and felt I knew it all. At age 21, I started with the Sturtevant Police Department and 28 years of law enforcement experience and rising up the ranks, I am the Chief of Police. I know now that I really don’t know it all.

WCPA | Wisconsin Association of Chiefs of PoliceAs the President elect, I will take office in 2019 as the President of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association. Elected by my peers to represent and serve over 400 Police Chiefs and 200+ Command Staff members in our great state is truly a privilege.

May this museum always remember those brothers and sisters in our profession that paid the ultimate sacrifice. I’m am honored to be remembered in this Museum for the future in law enforcement holds great potential all while remembering our past.

Chief Sean M. Marschke
Sturtevant (WI) Police Department

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