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Vincent Sinclair

Vincent Sinclair

New York State Courts

This month we have the honor of recognizing Captain Vincent Sinclair of the New York State Courts (NYSC). Vincent hails from a law enforcement family and has spent the past 18 years in various roles within the NYSC Department of Public Safety. The Department boasts a sworn force of approximately 4,000 uniformed peace officers and 2,500 non-uniformed peace officers.

Vincent has been with the New York State Courts for the past 18 years and is currently assigned full time to the training Academy in Brooklyn. His responsibilities often take him throughout the state to conduct training. He has served with the Special Response Team and was part of the Judicial Protection Detail for Justice Arthur J. Cooperman who presided over the Sean Bell shooting trial in Queens, NY. These days Vincent, in addition to his Academy responsibilities, acts as the Statewide Coordinator for the NYSC Ceremonial Unit.

Finding healthy ways to separate from the job and focus on outside activities and family is key to longevity and a healthy career. In so doing, Vincent founded an organization called LEO Hearted Cares Inc. Their mission is to strengthen the ties between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Incorporated into the organization is a mentor program, where officers mentor court-involved youth. This has allowed Vincent to channel his passion for law enforcement in a way that inspires those in the community around him.

Vincent has balanced a life in law enforcement with outside activities that bring him in contact with other peoples and cultures. An avid traveler, he and his wife have been to Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Poland, and Portugal. They honeymooned in Tanzania, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and found relaxation in Zanzibar.

“Travel has broadened my perspective, built empathy for others, and strengthened my appreciation for what I have. I equate my travels and cultural experiences to going to the gym. You need to push past that point of comfort to grow. Travel has been a powerful tool for making me more present, mindful, and balanced personally and professionally.”

Family plays an important role in Vincent’s life. Having lost friends to suicide he understands the impact that a career in law enforcement may have on a person and the importance of balancing one’s professional life with their personal life.

“Family is an essential part of who I am. Family is the foundation I stand on when I reach for the next rung on that proverbial professional ladder. It has taken me a while to realize this hard truth, but unfortunately, the same foundation that helps me climb is also what I become most distant from as I climb.”

His parents both worked for the New York City Department of Corrections and his father served in the United States Army. He grew up in a culture surrounded by those in the military and law enforcement. The importance of serving others was instilled in Vincent from a young age.

When Vincent applied to the NLEOMF Ambassador Program a yar ago, he had been working on a lesson plan when he found himself on the website for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. It was there that he found the Ambassador page and filled out an application. From the beginning he understood that we all have an opportunity to leave a positive and lasting impression on the profession and the communities we serve. Vincent remains an active member within the Ambassador family. Last January, Vincent represented the Memorial at the New York Islanders Law Enforcement Appreciation Night Hockey Game and continues to share the National Law Enforcement Officers memorial Fund Mission with those around him.

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Ambassador Program promotes the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, National Law Enforcement Museum, and the Officer Safety and Wellness programming through outreach, resources, and education.

All active and retired law enforcement officers are encouraged to apply. Start your application process.

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