Finalist | Officer Wellness

Tulsa (OK) Police Department

State: OK

The Tulsa (OK) Police Department designed a multifaceted, voluntary fitness program incorporating several unique elements that encourage and motivate participants. The program is called TPDFIT, which stands for Total Physical Development Fitness. Sergeant Eric Sokoloski, the fitness supervisor for the Tulsa (OK) Police Department, is a certified CrossFit trainer and has introduced a number of different workout routines for every level of fitness. The TDPFIT offers incentives for employees who meet requirements of the Cooper’s Institute Fitness Standards for their respective age group.

The department implemented a website, designed by Sergeant Sokoloski, offering a variety of exercise routines, daily workouts, and nutrition information. He also created the “Heroes Project” and named an individual workout for each of the 39 Tulsa Officers who have died in the line of duty. The Tulsa (OK) Police Department is renovating its academy gym to be a full service and CrossFit- affiliated gym.

The TPDFIT program is progressive in its approach; the department has sought to negotiate on-duty workout hours, and engaged the local Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and insurance providers, to increase incentives for officers who maintain their fitness levels and participate in the program. The department emphasizes CrossFit in recruit training and has seen excellent results in the fitness of rookie officers as they readily meet the Cooper’s Institute Fitness Standard requirements. The department also manages Facebook and Instagram presence promoting the TPDFIT program.


Tulsa (OK) Police Department | TPDFIT