The National Law Enforcement Museum Recognizes Pride Month!

(Two Officers from the DC Metropolitan Police Department during the Capital Pride Parade, Oxley Photography for Capital Pride Parade, 6-10-2023)

In recognition of Pride Month, the National Law Enforcement Museum has launched two initiatives that will introduce audiences to the history of LGBTQIA+ officers in law enforcement.

First, we published our newest digital exhibit Experience Pride Behind the Badge: The History of LGBTQIA+ in Law Enforcement, which examines the history and experiences of LGBTQIA+ law enforcement professionals dating back to the 1950s through today. Through a multimedia tapestry of audio and video recordings of LGBTQIA+ oral history interviews, images capturing recent and historical events, and various other law enforcement and LGBTQ+ interactions, this exhibit explores the careers and progression of LGBTQIA+ in law enforcement, from the earliest days until now, and seeks to showcase the community’s continued contributions to the profession. Explore the exhibit here.

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Second, a public program, “Pride Behind the Badge” took place on Wednesday, June 28, 2023. During the livestreamed discussion, we heard from a panel of LGBTQIA+ officers at various stages in their careers who shared their experiences as law enforcement professionals and how they found support within the profession while also providing their insights about the future of LGBTQIA+ representation in law enforcement. The panel, moderated by founder and president of Out to Protect, Inc., Greg Miraglia, featured four panelists – three of whom are featured in the digital exhibit. Watch the program here.

Finally, to accompany both the exhibit and the program, extended versions of interviews with featured panelists and exhibit participants have dropped on the Precinct 444 Podcast as a special edition of our Icons series. Stream all five episodes here, or find them wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.